NY, NJ, PA, CT Region
Liesbeth Severiens
Publisher, Bank Technology News
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Southeast, DC, VA, MA, & NH Region
David Cleworth
Publisher, American Banker Magazine
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Midwest/Central Region
Steve Loerch
Integrated Media Sales Manager
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Midwest/Central Region
Jeff Dembski
Integrated Media Sales Manager
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Western Region
Sara Culley
National Sales
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Alexandria Alati
Account Executive
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Hope Lerman
National Sales Manager
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PaymentsSource is the leading independent information resource dedicated to serving the global payments ecosystem — a community that has its roots in banking but is driven today by an increasingly diverse and disruptive set of nonbank players. On a daily and intraday basis, PaymentsSource delivers news analysis, opinion and insight on topics including regulation and compliance, technology and security, risk management and analytics, mobile and user experience, retail POS and e-commerce. In covering this marketplace, among the most consequential in financial services, PaymentsSource adopts a global perspective as it helps leaders and strategists identify the challenges, threats and opportunities that are shaping their business.


PaymentsSource's user community of more than 50,000 includes senior executives and strategists at banking companies, processors, networks, technology companies, retailers, and venture financiers.

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Platform Description
Microbanner Desktop

88x31 sponsor logo runs on various sections of the site (where applicable).

Button Desktop

120x90 run-of-site.

Medium Rectangle Desktop

300x250 run of site on right rail box and within slideshow section (where applicable)

Half Page Desktop

300x600 run-of-site box on the right rail of the site (can run anywhere the medium rectangle banner runs, except within the slideshow gallery).

Leaderboard Desktop

728x90 run-of-site above the fold.

Full Banner Desktop

468x60 run-of-site within the article pages.

Pushdown Desktop

970x90 premium unit runs above the fold and expands to 970x250.

Welcome Add Interstitial Desktop

640x480 premium high-attention unit appears before the visitor lands on our site to deliver maximum viewability.

Email Full Banner Newsletter

468x60 runs within select eNewsletters. See media kit for details.

Email Medium Rectangle Newsletter

300x250 runs within select eNewsletters. See media kit for details.

In-Content Medium Rectangle Mobile HTML5 Site

300x250 runs on tablet and mobile devices.

Mobile Banner Mobile HTML5 Site

320x50 runs on mobile devices.

Premium Sponsorships

Product Platform Description
InFocus Desktop/Mobile

300x600 "site within a site", content unit designed to integrate editorial, sponsor, and social content into one holistic experience.

Search Sponsorship Desktop

88x31, 300x250, and 728x90. Power the search bar to receive premium branding on every page of our site with the micro bar unit. Plus you will receive IAB placements on the search results page.

Partner Insights Desktop

Native advertising allows you to tell your story through dedicated article pages and share your expertise through the integration of a variety of content including: written text, graphics, audio, video, etc.

Next Up Video Desktop

Native advertising video can help you capitalize on this rapidly growing platform with the Next Up Video sponsorship. An ideal vehicle to present your original video content directly in front of engaged users.

Next Up Slideshow Desktop

Native advertising slideshows places your content next to our editorial content and elevates your thought leadership. If you have slideshows or a valued presentation at your disposal, the Sponsored Slideshow is a key component to ensuring our audience is aware of your messages.

60 Seconds Smarter Desktop

This custom video sponsorship is an engaging educational video series created by our team of experts. Eachvideo tackles a key topic or issue confronting the industry, explaining its fundamentals in a tightly-scripted,fast-paced, whiteboard animation and voice-over program.

Ask the Expert Desktop

Custom Videos featuring an expert from your company as a thought leader in the industry.

Disruptors Desktop

Sponsor editorial coverage focused around disruptive technologies and business models that are re-shaping the ever evolving banking and payments markets to position your company as a thought leader.

All Access Freeweek Desktop

For free week, we provide visitors with unrestricted access to all our content.

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